We are a friendly and professional practice.

For us, the key to success is to get happy clients.

Whatever the importance of your project, our point is to satisfy you at any cost, and thanks to that; you may recommend us to your friends, family or colleagues. 

Our role is to assist, guide, and lead your construction project by our experience.

That make you free to focus on the part you are interested in.


As Designer to draw and design is a passion, that is why we are here to realise your dream.

We love talking to customer and understanding what they have in mind what they want from a building or public space and then shaping it into a viable concept design.



When we get a new project and we turn it into reality is one of the most exciting part of our job and we just want to be sure that our plan are always realistic.


It is at that moment that most of the vital decisions are made.


It is not enough to have a great design, you also need a good building company and we can help you to find and manage one.

Spending time at this stage, working out the detailed specification and setting out the terms of a contract will ensure that the project has a chance to unfold correctly once on site.


Lumbania offer and perform the overall project planning, coordination and control from beginning to completion.

We aim to achieve the construction following the European building standards.


We provide plenty of advises and useful informations, supposed to help you to understand the technical and unsuspected part of your construction project.


Everything controled by our lawyer as legal restrictions, juridic structure or survey management and schedule process’s timing.